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Dreams and lunar calendar / prophetic dreams

The dream, dreamed on the 1st lunar day, will come true exactly. Foreshadows a favorable development of real events.
Dreams of the 2nd lunar day are empty, meaningless, maybe they will come true, or maybe not. The exception is those who face punishment for a crime or misconduct. It is given to such a person to see what this punishment will be.
The dream of the 3rd lunar day will come true unexpectedly and quickly. But there is an opinion that this is an empty dream, there is nothing to expect from it.
Dream of the 4th lunar day - The time of incarnation of the prophetic dream depends on the speed of the Moon. If it does not exceed 13 degrees per day, the wait will last up to a year, if it does not exceed six months. The likelihood of dream fulfillment is high.
On the 5th lunar day, only the dream that promises good, joyful, and most importantly expected events will come true. Or it may not come true.
The dream of the 6th lunar day will definitely come true. To "cancel" an unwanted dream, waking up, you need to immediately look at a bright light - solar or electric. The bright flame of the fire will also do. The dream is true, just don't tell anyone about it.
7th lunar day - as a rule, dreams are happy, with a high probability of coming true dreams. But on one condition: in no case should you tell anyone about them! Then not soon, but it will come true.
Dreams of the 8th lunar day are associated with your cherished desire - even if it is so veiled that you yourself do not realize it. If, nevertheless, it is possible to identify a dream and a secret desire, then it will certainly come true.
On the 9th lunar day, dreams come true that portend success. Frightening dreams are not worth believing. Will be fulfilled soon.
The 10th lunar day is the exact opposite of the previous one. Only those dreams come true that "promise" troubles, sadness, instill melancholy and despondency. Or do not expect execution, with rare exceptions.
On the 11th lunar day, any dream is to joy! It will come true within 11 days. Or it will be fulfilled in three days.
Dreams of the 12th lunar day have a high probability of coming true, and only that part of them is fulfilled that portends prosperity and good luck. On the 7th day it will come true if you do not forget about sleep.
Dreams of the 13th lunar day warn of material hardships, troubles, emotional experiences. Will be fulfilled in 8 days.
Dreams of the 14th lunar day, as a rule, are heavy, all sorts of misfortunes occur in them. But the visions of this night do not fit into an unambiguous forecast. When you wake up, you need to immediately grasp the window frame with your hand. Or it will come true in 7 days.
Dreams of the 15th lunar day have good "potential for coming true", especially on the fast moon and with regard to good news. Do not tell anyone about it, then it will come true.
Dreams of the 16th lunar day are empty, confused, and have no meaning. But it can be fulfilled very quickly.
Any dream on the 17th lunar day portends success and comes true within 20 calendar days. Will be performed on the next day (but sometimes on the nineteenth).
All items, things dreamed of on the 18th lunar day, will soon be bought in reality. Good dreams foreshadow profits and successful upgrades. It will be fulfilled no earlier than in 20 days.
Dreams of the 19th lunar day promise discord in the family, family troubles. Or it will be fulfilled in 8 days if it is repeated again in 3 days.
On the 20th lunar day, dreams - both bad and good - come true very quickly. To avoid negative events, you need to cry as if “for future use”. Or a happy dream, if the weather is bad in the morning, the dream should come true on the same day.
On the 21st lunar day, dreams, as a rule, are joyful, optimistic, come true within eleven calendar days. As for bad dreams, it is better not to see anything on this day than something bad. Equal probability of both performance and non-performance.
On the 22nd lunar day, dreams warn of impending troubles. One should try to interpret them as accurately as possible. If the trouble is guessed, it automatically disappears from reality. Or an empty dream, and you don't need to solve it.
On the 23rd lunar day, dreams are confused, chaotic, difficult to remember, giving the effect of deja vu (somewhere already seen). The dream will not come true, but it will not hurt to remember it.
On the 24th lunar day, dreams are joyful, kind and with a high probability of coming true. dreams come true on day 12.
You don't need to believe the dreams of the 25th lunar day, but there is a high probability that in the near future someone will try to deceive you. try to interpret from the opposite.
On the 26th lunar day, funny, unusual dreams are seen that improve mood and give rise to the temptation to please yourself. Do not believe in a dream.
On the 27th lunar day, there are senseless, confusing dreams that can confuse, and not clarify the real situation. Sometimes this confusion can be fatal. will come true, if you have not dreamed about it before.
Dreams of the 28th lunar day portend obstacles, difficulties in business and come true within thirty calendar days. There is only one way to “cancel” them: by losing or losing money, especially if on this day the Moon is in Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. usually false dreams, and if they come true, then on the 24th day.
Dreams of the 29th lunar day do not come true, but they are so heavy, joyless that they give rise to a paralyzing, chilling fear and an insistent expectation of future troubles. To get rid of this, upon awakening, you should douse yourself with hot and cold water alternately seven times.
Dreams of the 30th lunar day are fantastic, even surreal, but they often contain a rational grain. They do not always come true and not soon.

If on lunar days, promising a high fulfillment of dreams, the Moon is in the signs of the water element (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), the likelihood of a prophetic dream will increase even more.
Traditionally, dreams are considered prophetic from Sunday to Monday and from Thursday to Friday.

at what time the dream happened.
Morning - At this time, it is most likely to see a prophetic dream. And as you know, these phenomena almost always come true.
Day - During the daytime we sleep in order to rest. If something is dreamed of, it will be empty and it is unlikely that it will be realized in life.
Evening - It cannot be said unequivocally that evening dreams will come true. Here it is 50/50.
Night - The closer to dawn, the greater the likelihood of prophetic sleep.

It is considered ideal to sleep with your head to the north: the position of the body must correspond to the magnetic field of the earth in order to be in harmony with earthly magnetism.
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